Stig Skelboe

Professor, Dr. Techn.


Member of the Editorial Board of BIT Numerical Mathematicis since 1984.


Selected publications:

S. Skelboe, Adaptive partitioning techniques for index 1 IDEs, BIT Numerical Mathematics ISSN 0006-3835 (Print) 1572-9125 (Online) DOI: 10.1007/s10543-010-0258-4

Dan Erik Petersen, Hans Henrik B. Sørensen, Per Christian Hansen, Stig Skelboe and Kurt Stokbro: Block tridiagonal matrix inversion and fast transmission calculations, Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 227, Issue 6 (2008), Pages 3174-3190.

Hans Henrik B. Sørensen, Per Christian Hansen, Dan Erik Petersen, Stig Skelboe, Kurt Stokbro: Krylov subspace method for evaluating the self-energy matrices in electron transport calculations, Phys. Rev. B 77, 155301 (2008) [12 pages].

S. Skelboe, Adaptive partitioning techniques for ordinary differential equations, BIT Numerical Mathematics 2006 issue in memory of Germund Dahlquist (1925-2005), Volume 46 (2006), Number 3, pp. 617-629.

S. Skelboe, Partitioning Techniques for ODEs for Decoupled Implicit Intergration Formulas, DIKU Technical Report no. 05/04, 2005, ISSN: 0107-8283.

S. Skelboe, Accuracy of decoupled implicit integration formulas, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Volume 21 (2000), Number 6, pp. 2206-2224

S. Skelboe, Integration of partitioned stiff systems of ordinary differential equations, Proceedings of Workshop on Applied Parallel Computing in Industrial Problems and Optimization (PARA '96), Lyngby, August 19-21, 1996. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 1184, pp. 621-630, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Tyskland, 1996.

S. Skelboe and Z. Zlatev, Exploiting the natural partitioning in the numerical solution of ODE systems arising in atmospheric chemistry, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Proceedings of the First Workshop on Numerical Analysis and Applications (WNNA-96), Rousse, Bulgaria, June 24-27, 1996.

S. Skelboe, Methods for parallel integration of stiff systems of ODEs, BIT (1992), vol. 32, pp. 689 - 701.

J. Sand and S. Skelboe, Stability of backward Euler multirate methods and convergence of waveform relaxation, BIT (1992), vol. 32, pp. 350 - 366.

S. Skelboe, Parallel algorithms for a direct circuit simulator, Proc. 10th European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2-6, 1991, Vol. 1, pp. 314 -- 323.

S. Skelboe, A parallel implementation of ESACAP, Proc. 5th Distributed Memory Computer Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A., April 9-12, 1990, Vol. 1, pp. 585 - 594.

I. N. Hajj and S. Skelboe, A multilevel parallel solver for block tridiagonal and banded linear systems, Parallel Computing, vol. 15(1990), No. 1-3, pp. 21-45.

S. Skelboe, Time-domain steady-state analysis of linear electrical systems, Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 70 (1982), pp. 1210 - 1228. Review paper of the Doctor Technices dissertation.

S. Skelboe, Computation of the periodic steady-state response of nonlinear networks by extrapolation methods, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems, vol. CAS-27 (1980), pp. 161 - 175. Reprinted in Selected Papers on Computer-Aided Design of Analog Networks, Edited by J. Vlach and K. Singhal, IEEE press, 1986. 1980 Guillemin-Cauer Prize Paper Award og 1982 Browder J. Thompson Memorial Prize Award.

S. Skelboe, Implementation of Chebyshevian linear multistep formulas, BIT (1980), vol. 20, pp. 356-366.

S. Skelboe, The control of order and steplength for backward differentiation methods, BIT (1977), vol. 17, pp. 91 - 107.

S. Skelboe, INTGR for integration of stiff systems of ordinary differential equations, Instituttet for Teleteknik, DTH, Report IT 9, March 1977.

The origin of the Moore-Skelboe algorithm is the following paper:

S. Skelboe, Computation of rational interval functions, BIT (1974), vol. 14, pp. 87 - 95.

Boat trips to Ven with friends and colleagues

Summer 2000 with Jack Dongarra and Martin Gander on board "Den Gule Enke" (The Yellow Widow), a 28" Bianca sailboat. Jack took the nice pictures.

The marina Kyrkbacken seen towards north-east. (Click on the picture to see a large version)
Martin striking a relaxed pose. (Click on the picture to see a large version)
The Captain and Chef almost blinded by the sun. (Click on the picture to see a large version)
Martin having gotten to the cheese and had too much wine??, November 4, 2015.