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Name Martin Leopold
Born Oct 28th 1978
BrainNearly gone (allong with my hair =)
Home Valby, on the edge of Copenhagen, Denmark

This page is written mostly in English for no particular reason.

This page contains information of questionable relevance, you might cry, you might be shocked or you might just not care. Consider yourself warned =]


Always remember: the purpose of a ninja is to flip out and kill people.
Academic work

For more on each publication visit my record at dblp.

Hogthrob related work

Manatee related work

Selected projects, that I had fun working on:

Brief educational history
1994Graduated from primary school (Kildegård Gymnasium)
1997Graduated from secondary school, mathematical line (Kildegård Gymnasium)
2002Graduated in computer science* and physics** from University of Copenhagen - DIKU (department of computer science)/NBI (Niels Bohr Institute)
2005Computer Science graduate
PhD Student at DIKU.

* Danish term Datalogi, which is a bit wider than a US CS degree; the term Computing Science has been suggested as a better translation.
** "Very strange peopole, physicists. In my experince the ones who aren't actually dead are in some way very ill", Dr. Stadish (psychiatrist) Douglas Addams: The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul p. 111.

Volunteer student activities
1999-?Board member of the DIKU student cafeteria - a self financed student kitchen, vending machine park and place to well not-studdy
2000, 2003Arranging freshman introductory week (rusvejlder), tutor might be somewhat of an overstatement. The year 2000 trip has website 2000 - it is computer science after all =]
Employment record
1997 Database data validation work at the department of education (Undervisningsministeriet)
2000 System administrator at Silicide A/S
2000 Employed to complete Bachelor project on "Hardware implementation of a parallel linear equation solver" at Silicide A/S
2000 Started the company Duplex I/S at first specialising in small-low noise PCs
2001 OS developer at Silicide A/S working on a fast, tiny, embedded OS code name Poppo for a Bluetooth Baseband controller
2002/2003 Programming assistant at the department of distributed computing (distlab), DIKU working on the Manatee and projects.
2004 Programming assistant at the department of distributed computing (distlab), DIKU working on Hogthrob
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