spdiff is a tool for automatic inference of high level specifications of program changes.

The tool is part tbe Coccinelle-project. The main web-page is here: Coccinelle.

You can also contact us: jespera@diku.dk.

User manual, examples, real-world usages, and information about the theory behind the tool.
The spdiff tool
Downloads, requirements, installation, and implementation details.


Sep. 11. 2014 -- OPAM

Go news everyone!

Thanks to Francois Berenger github profile, spdiff is now to be found on OPAM.

The link to the OPAM entry: spdiff@OPAM

Nov. 1. 2010

We're now more open

The source for spdiff is now available in a git-repository at github.

You should be able to find it here:


Go ahead and fork it, report issues, suggest improvements/ideas, etc.

Nov. 24. 2009

New minor release.

In this new version I have added a local copy of Coccinelle because spdiff needs an older version than what is available online.

In the future this will change so that a local copy is not needed.

Also this release should be more easy to compile. Instructions have been added to the "Installation" section: Install .

Nov. 23. 2009

The source code is now available for download!


Nov. 21. 2009

By an infortunate mishap, I accidentially overwrote the 32 bit binary previously provided with a 64 bit while updating the documentation a little!

New binaries as well as the actual source code will be provided Monday (23th).

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Mar. 20. 2009

We are currently in the process of updating these pages. Stay tuned for more details on what spdiff can do.

Mar. 19. 2009

A new and improved version of the tool is available. Direct download link: spdiff.opt.

Documentation will follow shortly. The main differences to previous versions are:

  • Inference of semantic patches is now possible.
  • The mechanism for abstracting terms have been changed into something more clever.
Oct. 28. 2008

Notes about unparsing added to the documentation.

Oct. 22. 2008

Updates to manual and binary version of tool available.

Oct. 20. 2008

Website online.