The SimSys Homepage

This is the homepage of SimSys, a C++ based programming framework for simulating digital logic. It has been used for a couple of years in the departments introductory course on Computer Architechture.

On its way towards maturity SimSys has now reached version 2.4, which is the version we will use in the autumn of 99 in the course dat1e

To build and run SimSys you'll need a UNIX compatible (whatever that currently entails) OS with g++ 2.7.2 or later. SimSys currently runs under HPUX, alpha-OSF/1 and Linux. SimSys is beeing developed and maintained under Linux. I've no plans of making it usable outside the UNIX world.

SimSys is comprised of a library, an include directory and a set of examples. The Documentation is now available as compressed postscript. Before trying out SimSys, take a look at the documentation, to get an idea of its functionality. Then follow the instructions below

If you are going to use SimSys here at DIKU

Do not follow the instructions below. Instead, read about the local installation (in danish).

Getting the SimSys distribution

The sources for the library, the include directories and the examples may be downloaded from this page. To install it on your own linux box you must change the accompanying Makefiles to reflect the position of the SimSys toplevel catalogue. You must also change the makefiles to reflect the position of your g++ include files. Then run 'make depend' followed by 'make fast-inst'.

Download SimSys.

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Finn Schiermer Andersen