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12-Mar-05: Good news to people interested in my old Amiga sources. These have now been recovered and will be made open source under the control of Jens Langner. Please direct any questions to him and not me. Read here for the full story.

29-Oct-04: I still receive a few personal letters to my email account at DIKU, but since this gets enourmous amounts of spam, I rarely check it, and it's also filtered, so please instead write to instead.

29-Jul-04: As implied, I am writing software for OS X these days, if you're interested then please sign up to learn when my first real application will be released! :)

20-Jan-04: The link hosting my Amiga archives is unfortunately dead. I think there is already one guy mirroring them, otherwise write me (also if you would like to host them), but I think that most people still using their Amiga should have downloaded the files by now :)

As implied, I do no longer have my Amiga, nor do I have the source for any of my old Amiga stuff, so don't bother write me if you want to know if you can do a port to Morphos or similar... sorry!

My "new" homepage is here — it is only temporarily, and it will only be used to publish minor stuff related to Mac OS X.

A girl wrote and told me, that I had the score wrong for the masculinity/femininity test — for this I am awfully embarrassed, and I have fixed it, so if you took the test, better take it again! :) The error was that the male and female scores were swapped.

20-Jun-02: As of August the server hosting my Amiga archives will go away. They can instead be found here. Though I won't go through the trouble of updating the links at the various pages hosted here (sorry, but these pages are really obsolete, and only kept because I'm to lazy to remove them ;-) )

Amiga page
For historical reasons you can find all the software I've released for the Amiga, unfortunately I no longer have source for any, so they are provided without any support whatsoever.
Cognitive Psychology project
This page was created to provide feedback to the persons involved in an experiment I did.
Computational Geometry project
One course required us to create a "multimedia presentation" of some sort, to pass it. I created a JAVA applet demonstrating Fortunes algorithm for Voronoi diagrams.
Test the masculinity or femininity of your brain patterns
Sometimes I'm bored and then I do this...