HOR  2016

Accepted papers

  • Ali Assaf, Gilles Dowek, Jean-Pierre Jouannaud and Jiaxiang Liu: Untyped Confluence in Dependent Type Theories.
  • Koji Nakazawa: Characterizing Trees for Lambda-mu terms.
  • Jonas Kaiser, Tobias Tebbi and Gert Smolka: Equivalence of System F and lambda-2: A Case Study of Context Morphisms.
  • Andrew Polonsky, Michele Pagani and Benoit Valiron: Toward Analytic Rewriting Theory.
  • Takahito Aoto and Kentaro Kikuchi: A Rule-Based Procedure for Equivariant Nominal Unification.
  • Jonas Frey: Confluence and Strong Normalization for the CPS Target Language.
  • Cynthia Kop and Kristoffer Rose: h-bar: a Plank for Higher-Order Attribute Contraction Schemes.
  • Pierre Vial: The Expressive Power of Coinductive, Rigid Types with Non-Idempotent Intersections.
  • Cynthia Kop and Jakob Grue Simonsen: Higher-Order Cons-Free Interpreters.
  • Vincent Archambault-Bouffard and Stefan Monnier: Implementation of Explicit Substitutions: from lambda-sigma to the Suspension Calculus.
  • Enno Folkerts: The Calculus of Compositions.
  • Stephane Gimenez and Georg Moser: Running Interaction Nets on Random Access Machines.
  • James Laird: Reduction by Decomposition.