In short Model-Based Software Engineering (MBSE) is the idea of achieving code reuse and perform maintenance and product development through the use of software modelling technology and by splitting the production of software into two parallel engineering processes namely domain engineering and application engineering.


After this short introduction let's define some terminology and look at a framework for MBSE. The following three concepts are defined in terms of each other.

\begin{Def}[Application engineering]
\emph{Application engineering} is an engine...
...that develops software products from software assets (see \cite{cmu}).

\begin{Def}[Software assets]
Software assets are the reusable resources used in application engineering (see \cite{cmu}).

\begin{Def}[Domain engineering]
\emph{Domain engineering} is a process of analys...
...sed in the development of multiple software products (see \cite{cmu}).

The idea in MBSE apart from using software modelling technology (as hinted in the name) is to split development of software into two processes. One synthetizing core features in applications delivered to customers and one using these synthetized features to build new customized applications for other customers. The development cycle is shown in figure 1 below.

Figure 1: MBSE as a production system

Figure 2 elaborates on the processes of domain and application engineering. In the case of domain engineering the process is split into three phases: Domain Analysis, Domain Design and Domain Implementation. In the case of appplication engineering we identify the following three steps: Requirements Engineering, Design Analysis and Integration & Testing.

Figure 2: MBSE framework


What is Model Based Software Engineering (MBSE)

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