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The TOPPS Group

We are a collection of researchers (on all levels) related to DIKU (the department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen) who all share an interest in Semantics-based Program Analysis and Manipulation (TOPPS abbreviates approximately the same in Danish: »Teori Og Praksis for ProgrammeringsSprog«). We can be contacted as
TOPPS group
DIKU, Københavns Universitet
Universitetsparken 1
DK-2100 København Ø

Telephone: (+45) 35 32 14 00
Fax: (+45) 35 32 14 01


Project Proposals

Follow the below link to find a list of proposed projects.

The list (pdf)

Recent event(s)

The web page with the schedule for and pictures from the Neilfest is here: neilfest-page


The following hyperlinks tell more about us.

  • Research: a list of research activities of the group, including projects we participate in and products available electronically.

  • People: pointers to home pages of individual TOPPS researchers.

  • Teaching: information about our undergraduate programme and bachelor's projects (»datalogisk 1.del«), graduate programme (»datalogisk 2.del«) and Ph.D. courses.

  • Seminar: upcoming talks by members and guests of the group.

  • Bibliography: complete bibliography of all papers produced by the group.

  • Books: List of books published by members of the TOPPS group.

  • Mailing lists: List of mailinglists of interest.

We also maintain a comprehensive list of conferences in our area.
Note for locals (and other interested parties): See information about our local activities.

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