2nd Nordic Blockchain Summit – Københavns Universitet

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2nd Nordic Blockchain Summit

Join us for the 2nd Nordic Blockchain Summit, where decision makers and business leaders from different backgrounds and industries come together to look beyond the hype, discussing opportunities and challenges that arise through Blockchain. The Nordic Blockchain Summit is an event organized by University of Copenhagen in collaboration with ITU and Copenhagen Business School.

If you would like to learn why firms are massively investing in Blockchain, and if you would like to hear more about Blockchain in Innovation from different perspectives, this is the right event for you. The event will take place in the Lundbeckfond Auditorium.

Registration for the summit. Please sign up by 10 August 2017.



Anders Høeg Nissen (Moderator)

Fritz Henglein and Omry Ross, University of Copenhagen

13:25 Hackathon presentation of the three best solutions in finance, logistics, and the public sector
14:25 Break

Is Blockchain in Innovation driven by startups or well established companies?

Panel discussion with Ewan MacLeod, CDO of Nordea, CXOs of Nets, University of Copenhagen as well as a startup company.

15:45 Talk: tba.
16:15 Trophy Award Ceremony
16:30 End of event